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The Crystal Tower Emanates A Mysterious Energy.

The Incan Ruins of Machu Piccu yielded many archaeological treasures. The most mysterious is the Crystal Tower. Wall paintings at Aztec sites also mention the Tower.

To this day, the Crystal Tower emanates a mysterious mystical energy. Archeologists think that the Tower was stolen by the Incans from the Aztecs. The Incan civilization supposedly 'stole the power of the Aztecs' leading to the extinction of the Aztecs and the rise of the Incas.

It is thought that the tower allowed the high priests to tune into the channels of consciousness emanating from the heavens.

Some speculate that it quite possibly was used by the Incans to channel energies that would teach them how to get rich by purchasing real estate - thus allowing the Incans to acquire the wealth of the Aztecs.

Though the "Tuning Sticks" no longer exist, due to shoddy construction, the Tower is of high quality and remains unblemished, to this day.

Z says that the purpose of the tower was to work with tones - like tuning forks or other metals - used in combination with crystal tower - to connect with Creation forces. Later on it was seized and used by humanity for selfish gain.

If you are of the higher frequency you can still use the 'power of the crystal tower' to meditate, balance your chakras - strengthen you connection to the Earth energies - grids - magnetics (tonal rods) - as anything made of crystal especially in this size is a communication devices.

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only with unconditional love of all things on this  wonderful earth will we all prosper and ascend to the level of that which our maker planned for us. Allowing war, starvation, and anger is not the way.

A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent upon arriving. --- Lao Tzu --- It is with sadness that I have to announce the closing of a twenty-five year tradition. The "Monday Night Group" which has been meeting each Monday night at the home of Doris and Harold Render in Valley Junction,West Des Moines, Ia met for the last Meditation and a pot luck recently. It was the 25th Anniversary. Thank you Doris and Harold for the many years of insight and fellowship. Many books were covered and a lot of great input from all that came together over the years, some still on this side and some on the other.

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