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For the past decade-and-a-half, pianist and synthesist Marshall Styler has been building a strong following of fans who enjoy his brand of gentle, dreamy, impressionistic new age instrumental music influenced by both strong human emotions and the Central Texas scenery he finds endlessly inspirational.  The music on his ninth solo album, A FACE IN THE CLOUDS, follows that same path with equally strong results.


Here is what inspired the compositions on the new CD:


The son of a fireman killed in the World Trade Center on 9/11 sees a face in the clouds and feels that his father is watching out for him from the heavens.  A ballerina dances across a stream on a bridge in an autumn forest.  Good friends and family, who have passed on, leave warm memories.  In the early morning a neighborhood wakes and the city begins to bustle with activity.  An old German town in Central Texas is surrounded by orchards, vineyards and wildflowers.  Picture late-night rain on a city’s downtown warehouse district, an old house on an abandoned road, and the view from the top of a dam that separates two picturesque lakes.


I hope you will take a listen to this warm, soft, relaxing music and consider reviewing it.  Let me know your decision.  And please note that Styler is one of the few musicians who combines modern state-of-the-art synthesizers with old-school partially-analog “old school” synths as well as piano to create a unique sound for today’s marketplace.




"Silver Ship"
Suzanne Ciani
Seventh Wave swp 7010-2
I aways enjoy piano music. And have enjoyed the album's I have
received from Suzanne.  She is a accomplished  writer and musician as is apparent in her being nominated five times for a Grammy.  Her new album "Silver Ship" is another example of that.    A synthesis of both Ciani's classical acoustic and electronic roots, it represents her ultimate maturity as an artist.  She has gathered around her a eclectic group of performers that include  Paul McCandless and Mr. Ultra-versatile banjoist Bela Fleck, Matt Eakle who has played with another Bluegrass Icon Dave Grisman and his Quintet, an Iowa Guitarist who now resides on the west coast Teja Bell.  I have never had the opportunity to met Teja but know his son who is also a fine Guitar player and other friends who are close who have respect for Tega's talents. Suzanne was a pioneer in the field of electronic music (one of the only women to even be involved 30 years ago).  She was one of the first females to score and perform a major Hollywood film (the Lily Tomlin movie THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING WOMAN). SILVER SHIP is her fifteenth album and it combines her early electronic music roots, her even earlier classical music training, her more recent acoustic piano forays, and collaborations with her band, THE WAVE.  New Age Voice has said of "Silver Ship" "The music with...emotion and thought, surrender and conrol."  I agree and give it a "Crystal Tower Mag  Crystal and suggest you pick it up at your nearest music store or go to today
Jim Wilson  
Aremis Nashville
I would like to think this could have been me had I continued with my piano instructions in my home state of Texas where I was born and lived during my childhood.  I didn't adopt California like Jim, I was more or less transplanted by my parents. But grew up there, but did not like Jim fill my life with music as he did.  However I did fill my life with a love of music, gaining a fine grasp for appreciation for a variety music genre formats.  Jazz, Blues,Pop all a good mix with New Age genre listener.  As a radio DJ for over thirty years I would like to feel I have a good ear for a outstanding musician.  Jim Wilson fall's in that category and he has proven this with Top 10 tunes on Billboard Magzazines "Top Ten New Age Albums" Chart.  Has had his own nationally-televised PBS-TV special. He list on this "A Place In My Heart" such names as Marilyn Martin, Chris Botti, Irish Flutist and Uilleann pipes player Eric Riglar who we heard on the "Titanic" soundtrack.   The Tucson Lifestyle Magazine says of Jiim, "One of the shining lights of modern piano music is Jim Wilson."   Find out for yourself stop by and give a listen to this wonderful album at your favorite music store today.
"Sacred Ground" 
A Tribute to Mother Earth  SD 942
Silver Wave Records  WWW. Sliverwave.comrCCCCccccccccc 
Celebrated stars if Native American music are joined together with all new recordings of soul stirring songs that honor our mother Earth. with traditional spirit and contemporary style these powerful voices call out for us to acknowledge and care for the Sacred Ground on which we live.   Bill Miller, Robert Mirabal, Star Nayea, Joanne Shenandoah, Little Wolf Band, Primeaux & Mike, David Carson, Welela & Joanne Shenandoah all join to bring you this wonderful and inspired album on Silver Wave Records.
Music of singer/songwirter
Jule Lavender and Featuring Hubert Laws Fute,
Hugh Martin on Piano
Covenant Records
P.O.Box 2743
Rancho Santa Fe, Ca 92067
And enchanting mix of voice, Flute and Piano. Lanvenders songs tell of Sun, Dreamers, Tree's and the Morning Songs. Stop, and spend some time and see if you can feel the sun?
"Return To Peace"
A Celtic Journey Through Central America
 His label and Self produced
Mark Dunn
What an adverture this is.  Seven years ago this composer/pianist strapped on a backpack containing his second favorite instrument. The Irish pennywhistle, and went on an extended tour of Central America that included visiting Mayan ruins, rainforests, hidden Indian villages and much more. And this is what he brought back. Take a listen and "RETURN TO PEACE."
Scott Hartley
First Light Music
This album is a celebration of life and adventure. This collection of songs captures Scotts musical landscape that he has experienced over the years. ANCESTRAL CROSSING marks a new point in his music and his life. From the Ancestral Crossing, the Common Ground, Highland Vespers and even When Irish Eyes Are Smiling his ancestry is told.
New Earth Records
The Sun is the center of our solar system and permeates everything
with its light. It is the essence of the Highest Consciouness and radiates ouit the inner light of knowing. This music is a celebration of the times when we know we are alive, when we feel and breathe the joy of being....C.G.Deuter.
As I am a leo and the sun is what gives me life and strength, I am happy with anything that supports the SUN SPIRIT...ENJOY AND SUCK IT UP...Billy

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