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Quantum thoughts on tarot

by Bill Vincent

One of the most intriguing aspects of quantum exploration is the idea that at a very fundamental level, random number generators and machines with similar equipment (DVD players for example) can be influenced by our thoughts.

Before I go headlong into just what I’m talking about specifically, I want to discuss the idea of randomness. If we accept what is happening at a quantum level, we know that our thoughts can affect seemingly random events. Also, because there is so much to the mind, there may be events that are being triggered by our mind/thought processes that we are not consciously aware of. Given that notion, is there any effective way to better perceive our thoughts, both conscious and sub/unconscious? Is there a way to “catch the flow” of energy around us and be able to analyze it in a way that is personally relevant to us as individuals? Can we, by using our thoughts and conscious mind in combination with a simple tool, learn to better understand our current situations and circumstances more fluently?

The Moon card, from The Golden Tarot deck. This deck uses Renaissance art in a digital collage to create the traditional symbolism.
( U.S. Games Systems, Publisher)

If we wanted to create a tool to help guide us in a quest to gain information and learn more about our own mind and its harmony with the quantum-based universe, it would have to integrate some type of randomness potential with a set of symbols that can be interpreted by our mind in a language we can understand. It would have to be flexible, in that not everyone “thinks” the same way. It would have to be robust enough, yet also personal enough to capture our attention and our energy on multiple levels. It would have to be unobtrusive and simple, yet also complex enough to lend to deep contemplation and allow for multiple outcomes. It would also have to be not only unique to each individual user, but unique to each and every individual use. Nothing is static.

Mystical tools throughout the ages

Through the course of history, several tools that match this criteria have been introduced into society. The I-Ching, Runes, Tarot, and other tools that glean information from random symbols and their arrangement are examples of this. The problem is, most if not all of these have been cast out of the realm of practical use because of superstition, misuse by charlatans and swindlers, and disinformation. One tool that has probably suffered more than most others in this regard is the Tarot. Just mention the word Tarot and lots of people automatically visualize fortune tellers, swindlers, and cheats. You can easily picture the stereotype of an old hag fortune teller dealing the death card to a horrified client!  

"WHY ARE WE HERE?" REV.Philip R. Gantt "Universal Life Brotherhood" >>Consciously we are blinded by our physical bodies. However, I maintain >>that we are closer to realization than we realize. After all, the >>source of all that is, is at the core of our being. >> >> > >I agree we are close to the light and that the veil is what seperates our >awareness of this. The light is not moving and is everywhere present. To quote >Hermes Tresmegistis, that which is moving is contained within that which is not. >Yet the question still remains, why is the veil there in the first place? >Perfection and the source of all that is and infinite fullfillment is at the >center of our being.So to put it in real terms, why do we have such challenges as >you losing your job or having health issues or any of the thousands of things >that each of us on the list is probably going through right now? I agree that >we are "sleeping" and unaware of our true nature...the question though is why? >why are we unaware? why do we have obstacles? why is it so seemingly >difficult for us to tap into our God nature? > The qualifying word in your last sentence is "seemingly". Rather than look at the little "i", perhaps it is wiser to try to perceive from the bigger "I" within our being. Just perhaps it is God's nature to tap into us little animated physical beings as an outflow or expression of love and intelligence. I think the veil, as you put it, is merely a direction in the flow of our consciousness through our physical form. Through Gods' expression, we come to exist and have self awareness. The flow of energy is from above, and outward from our physical forms. So how do we pierce this "veil"? I suspect by reversing the direction of the flow of consciousness, one of the objectives in meditation. Not to say that this is easy. We might think of our consciousness like the life of a salmon. Somewhere way back in time, we were hatched like an egg in a riverbed. As we feed in the environment around us, we acquire experience and seek greater things. So, we work our way downstream where the river is larger and there is more food to sustain us. Eventually, we meet the ocean and there is the promise of a seemingly endless supply of food to forage upon. We explore environments to our liking, traveling a long distance from our natal stream. Yet, we eventually return home as a mature adult to complete the cycle of life. However, the return home is not an easy path. It is frought with hazards and obstacles, predators and parasites. Only the strongest survive the ordeal swimming against the current, jumping over waterfalls, and evading predators. And so it is with our consciousness. It's on a journey through the ocean of experience. Yet, eventually, we will return to our source. ><asking which came first, the chicken or the egg? Was anything missing >or concealed before we took physical embodiment? The "test" or >challenge, I think, is to become aware of our true nature while embedded >in physical substance.>> > >Nothing is missing, yet much is concealed or hidden.Again the question is >why?I agree that the test is to become aware of and awaken our true nature, but >again why are we doing it in the first place ? If we say because we choose to, >I agree but why did we choose to? > What is it exactly that we choose to do? Did we have a say in the matter? Probably. What we did not choose is how. We simply followed the process, just like a baby salmon being naturally pushed by the current downstream where there is more to sustain life. Until we are mature enough to return to our source, we must learn, feed, and gain strength for the return journey. This is, of course, a simple analogy, but a reasonable one. Consciousness going inward is like a mature salmon swimming up river to complete the life cycle. ><the evolution and spiritual awareness of all other living things that >are around us.>> > >I agree, yet there is no real seperation between us and the rest of creation, >the only difference being degree of consciousness realized.So it brings us >back to why did we seemingly separate from these other aspects of creation or >consciousness in the first place? > There's that word seemingly again. :) ><universe as a whole. As an example, take a look at the life of Jesus. >He didn't come here for his own benefit, he came here for ours. And, we >are to follow in his footsteps, making this a better place for other >living things.>> > >But if all reality is one,which we know it to be, there is no real seperation >between us and the universe as a whole.Jesus did indeed come here for us >since he knows he is one with us and has reached the level where he can have a >tremendous impact on helping the rest of humanity back to infinite fullfillment. >The original question of why we came down in the first place still remains, >since Jesus is part of us, in the same way our hands head and feet are all part >of the same being. > Why did Jesus come here? I think he came to show us how to do it right. ><make this a better place then when we got here. Some of us are doing >well on that score, and others not. Additionally, most of us don't yet >have the strength of will to control God's power, and most of us lack >the wisdom to use it correctly. Hence, we must evolve the physical form >so that in some future incarnation we can use this power properly.>> > >I agree that we should be making this a better place then when we got >here.But how do we do it ? Do we try to change others "out there" or do we change >ourselves ? If we change ourselves does that effect the world around us? Quantum >theory(Bell's theorm I beleive) in effect says yes, even though they don't >realize it.They say that a subatomic particle say in China has a direct >influence on a subatomic particle in NEw York.Do we really need to just develop the >physical form or do we need to change our conscousness? I only say this because >there are schools that may show how to develop various powers and abilties or >raise the kundalini etc ,which can turn out to produce wrecked lives for those >who don't shift their conscousness first. It's like giving a baby a loaded >gun. > I fully agree with you. ><concealed from us? The why may become evident if we know the how. We >still haven't figured out how gravity works, but we can see why it >works. If gravity didn't work, plants could not grow properly, people >and animals would float off into space, and life as we know it would >never have existed. Knowing how things work enables man to be creative >and invent new things. So, in general, I would say that man is on the >right track. The more we know about how things work, including >ourselves, the better off we will be and so will future generations>> > >Why in effect comes before How. In effect we could equate perhaps why with >Wisdom and How with Understanding.The problem comes in when "how" is not >illumined and directed by wisdom or the "why". What do I mean by that? Look "how" man >has used his understanding of the atom...building nuclear weapons of mass >destruction.There has been much scientific advancement in the world, but has the >inner spiritual development advanced as much? When how is not married to >wisdom the result is similar to what happened in atlantis. > Yes, man did harness the atom for malicious purposes, but it also scared the beegeezus out of man. People understand the dangers much better now than they did 60 years ago. With experience we gained wisdom, or at least most of us did. ><political power are resistant to take action to correct these problems, >and in some cases are taking steps to make it worse. They do this for >political power and personal gain.>> > >Precisely my point regarding inner spiritual deveopment.Everything is >dependent on self transformation.Those in power are merely a reflection of the >collective consciousness of all of us. If we want to change whats happening in the >world we have to change ourself.Ten covered light bulbs in a room may each >complain about the lack of light in the other nine covered bulbs, but until one of >them removes the cover over themselves there is no light in the room. The >extra light helps the other nine covered bulbs to see. > I agree. ><> > >Just one persons reflection..One must marry wisdom to be illumined by it as a >husband marries a bride.In order to marry it, we must prove faithful to > order to prove faithful to it, we have to draw it from within us and not be >seduced by any strange women as we confront the obstacles and tests in our >life. The words are symbolic but the principle is sound. > Similar to my salmon analogy. >Thanks for responding to the post. I trust all will be well with you even if >it doesn't have that appearance outwardly. > I'm sure it will also. Thanks. :) >LLL >Val > > -- Regards, Philip R. Gantt Phil's Fine Foods, Inc.

- - Aluna Joy Yaxk'in
The Star Elders say that we are on the brink of a shift of ages.  (Related article ) That’s not news to us at this point in the game.  Most of us know that these are turbulent times in which much change is possible and expected.  What we don't know is what we will shift into.  What will our new world look like?  How will it feel?  What will we think about it?  Who will be there with us?  
What I am about to share with you is a glimpse into what might happen during the shift, what our new world might look like, and how you can begin to see the future for yourself.
Over that last couple of years, and especially in the last few months, I have noticed a growing dis-interest in what the world has to offer.  Many others, as well as myself,  are feeling a general restlessness coupled with building apprehension about the near future.  We feel that something new is on the horizon just out of our reach.
Since the December 2004 9.0 earthquake, many of the symptoms that we have been feeling for a while on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels have accelerated, and a few new symptoms have manifested.  Many people have reported vertigo or dizziness. There have been many reports of accidents including people simply falling down.  Troubled dreams are on the rise.
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I have had a few of these symptoms myself along with a couple of new ones.  I have noticed that when I am standing up that I unconsciously stand on the sides of my feet.  This doesn't help me with my balance at all.  I am an avid hiker and like the way my feet feel on the ground.  However, lately it feels like I don't want be touching the Earth at all.  Also before I am completely awake in the morning, I feel a strong thought . . . I have to get out of here.  I just want to get out of my house.  It is very puzzling. 
All these symptoms that we are experiencing didn't make much sense to me until after my recent trip to the Yucatan.  I decided to go to the ocean off the Maya coast due to a inner calling to listen to the water.  In years past, this coast line has been peacefully calm, and a great place for me to recharge.  But this year it was choppy, like the energy I was feeling inside.  I didn't feel the peace and clarity that I have felt in years past.  However, when I went snorkeling, the ocean had its familiar vibe; very peaceful and quite clear.   I watched the fish surf every swell and current in the ocean with grace.  Every time I returned to civilization, I had a hard time remembering to put my feet down all the way.  I wondered what was up and asked for answers to my mounting questions.
When I got back home,  I still felt the urge to get out of the house,  but I had an additional feeling.  Both my partner and I felt a huge desire to begin a garden.  I think we just want to be outside more.  Also, I felt that I needed to build an authentic Mexican Palapa in my back yard to sleep in this summer.  A Palapa is a traditional home of the Yucatec Maya.  Many Maya still live in them today.  A Palapa is made of all natural materials: wood, twine and grass or palm leaves.  I sat out in my back yard looking at where would be the best place for this natural stick hut with a grass roof.
Then it hit me . . .  a vision.  I got a glimpse of what the future might look like after the shift that the Star Elders have been talking about.   Then I saw this vision connect with some other things that the Star Elders told me years ago.  It was all beginning to make sense . . . finally.
Let me try to explain.  The magnetic field of the Earth holds and maintains memory.  Even at its core, Earth is iron.  Our body has iron in our blood that also holds memory in place.  Memory keeps us in our mechanistic ways.  In other words . . . ruts.  Sometimes our ruts can spiral out of control like a skipping record.  When they do, it is really hard to stop the skipping that is harmful to us, or to our planet, because the collective memory is overpowering.  IS this why the world is in the perilous state it is in?  Could memory keep us from evolving, awakening or healing our environment?  Are we skipping out of control, repeating harmful patterns over and over? (Related article  )
Periodically, the Earth drops out the magnetic field to clear herself of unnatural physical, emotional, and spiritual miss-created realties.  The Star Elders say that when we shift magnetically, all things that are un-natural to Mother Earth will disappear: poisons, pollutions, lies, limiting mental programs, ruts, fear, anger, pain, misuses of power, etc;  just about anything that is out of integrity with the natural laws of the Earth and the cosmos.  
There is physical evidence in sacred sites that the Earth does in fact clean herself.  Magnetic shifts happen as a regular cycle of the Earths evolution.  This is why archeologists do not find what one would expect to find in a huge civilization such as the Maya or Inca.  The only thing we find in these places are natural to the Earth: wood, pottery, stone, bone, natural textiles, natural paint and dyes, and natural paper books.  Even today we cannot build what the ancients did with or without our technology . . . yes,  even today!  Surely the ancients had technology that was used to build these structures that was cleared away, literally vaporized by a magnetic shift - wiped clean by the wrath of God as Indiana Jones says in the movie Raiders of the Lost Arc.  Why do you think the ancients built temples without mortar.  They knew, and wanted their sites to remain even after a magnetic shift.
The Star Elders say this is a way that the Earth cleans herself and humanity right along with her.  The amazing thing here is that us humans, also natural to Earth, get another chance to rebuild our lives without the distorted memory or pollutions we have created in the past.  It is like humans get cosmic amnesty from their past mis-creations.  We have an opportunity to begin fresh and do things differently.
Then it began to occur to me that we have been thinking about the shift of the ages the wrong way.  We have all considered the apocalyptic event in which there would be a huge loss of life, earth land masses would change drastically, etc.  MAYBE there is another way to look at these times.  If it is true, and we are beginning to shift, and our bodies ARE natural to Earth, but our environments and thought patterns are not, wouldn't it make perfect sense that we would become increasingly more uncomfortable in un-natural environments, patterns and routines?  As frequencies rise, we will naturally move into alignment:  a place of personal integrity that feels right for us.  
Maybe this is why I have not wanted to put my feet down all the way.  Maybe that is why I want to be out in nature more.  Maybe the loving universe is slowly nudging us out of environments and negative states of consciousness that are unnatural to us.  Maybe the Earth is telling us something.  Maybe our bodies are telling us something.  Maybe we should be listening.
Evolution is inevitable.  History has proven this over and over.  Civilizations come and go yet humans are still here.  Is it possible that they/we just moved onto something better during times of shifts?  The Earth has been changing and evolving for eons.  All life on Earth has changed also.  Species have come and gone, and come back again as something else.  Why do we expect everything to stay the same?  The Star Elders say that it is quite arrogant of us to think that we can predict how Earth is going to shift considering we have only scientific reports and studies dating back a blink of an eye in Earths time.  How could we know what is best for Earth with such short sighted and mechanistic thinking?  Why do we think Earth cant take care of herself?
"We have probed the earth,  excavated it, burned it,  ripped things from it,  buried things in it.  That does not fit my definition of a good tenant.  If we were here on a month-to-month basis,  we would have been evicted long ago."  -- Rose Elizabeth Bird
During the Asian tsunamis, it was those on the beaches that were hurt and killed.  But those that were deep sea diving in the ocean only felt strong currents.  Maybe this is why I felt so comfortable in the ocean, and not on shore.  The fish know how to go with the flow.  Maybe we can learn something here about flowing with the shifts instead of trying to keep a harmful status quo.
A friend, who was on the beach in Sri Lanka and walked away from the waters edge moments before the ocean took everything in sight, said it didn't feel peaceful so she didn't go for her morning swim.  She listened, while others didn't.  Maybe we need to listen to our Hearts, listen to the Earth, learn to go with the flow, and be natural instead of mechanistic . . . .  In fact, learning to being in your natural integrity and flowing with the waves could save your life! 
Traditional native people in Asia listened and moved to higher ground when the sea told them to, and they were saved.  Noah listened and built an arc.  I am listening and beginning to build a Palapa.  You might find another way to express your natural self too.  It didn't make sense to Noah at the time, nor does it make perfect sense to me, but I know Earth is speaking to us, and our bodies are trying to get our attention.
A last word here . . .  The Star Elders said to remind you that they can see the future, even if we cannot.  They say we are going to make it through this shift.  It is written in the stars . . . it is written in Spirit already.  No worries, no fear . . . We are victorious.  And (with a chuckle) they say is it going to be a wild ride and a great adventure of which we could never imagine.  We wont be disappointed.   - Aluna Joy Yaxk'in     (Related article

 Aluna Joy Yaxk'in is an internationally known author/speaker, clairvoyant, and sacred site guide and essence formulator. Aluna has based her life's work on mystical/shamanic experiences with the Star Elders that accelerated over a decade of travel in Central and South America. Aluna guides spiritual pilgrimages to Inca and Maya worlds and offers Star Elder Sessions to clients world wide. She has been called a modern mystic and psycho-geographical healer, but Aluna considers herself simply a spiritual archaeologist. Aluna is author of Mayan Astrology and her articles and services have been accepted world-wide. Aluna Joy Yaxk'in, PO Box 1988, Sedona AZ 86339  Ph: 928-282-6292  Webpage: - E-mail
What is sefiroth?  Branches?   

>I don't put a static label on what we need or don't need collectively or
>individually, as it constantly changes as we change.If more people
>chose the spiritual path we wouldn't need war.The choice is always ours

Are you saying that the silent minority must be subservient to the
limitations imposed by the collective majority?  I think to a large
degree we are limited by the collective consciousness.  However, I also
think that the collective consciousness evolves and presents new
opportunities for those who seek.

Not necessarily subservient, but everything is part of the collective
conscouness, so it is all related so to speak.The picture that comes to mind is that
the vast majority of the collective conscousness may be "steered" by the
higher aspects of that conscousness, like an elephant is steered and directed in
the circus. Not that we are elephants, but IMHO you could relate the evolution
of the collective conscousness to teaching an elephant how to dance :-)

>Remember the story of Promethius who wanted to reveal the light and what
>happened to him, quoted in the Astara lessons? :-) The answer IMHO is not in
>revealing secrets, but in each of us collectively working to transform and
>ourselves, so that we can openly receive the light that is waiting for
>light then collectively helps others to see and follow the path to

I do not recall the story.  Since each person must find their own path
to enlightenment, I don't know that there is a "path" to follow except
to follow the Golden Rule.  When given the opportunity, help others to
the best of your ability.  Do to others as you would have them do for
you.  I think this teaching goes way beyond the 10 commandments

I would say the golden rule is a summary of the 10 commandments. This leads
me to another question for the do you think the 10 commandmentrs
relate to the 10 sefiroth on the tree of life? Any thoughts?


Has anyone heard about this info on the planets?  I can't recall where I  saw
it or many details.  Supposedly all the planets in our solar system have a
distrubance at the same latitude, as in the big red spot on Jupiter. It is 19
degrees, not sure if it is north or south.  The one on earth is supposed to be
in the Pacific, maybe it was Hawaii.  It was supposed to be of some type of
evolutionary spiritual significance.  Does this sound familiar to anyone?
No, but it does sound interesting.Let us know if you find out anything.


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