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Hands On Therapeutic Bodywork

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A Holistic Approach To Healing
Convenietly Located in West Des Moines, Ia

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Relieve anxiety and stress

Increase the blood supply to your tissues .

Improve your energy and alertness Reduce pain from such problems as temporal mandibular joint dysfunction or carpal tunnel syndrome.

Partly compensate for lack of exercise if because of age, injury or illness, you are unable to remain active Alleviate repetitive motion

injuries. Provide deep therapy for specific physical problems

Reduce blood pressure

Aids in recovery from sprained ligaments and pulled muscles

 We hope you'll find the information you need on this site about our company and the products and services we provide. We look forward to working with you.

 Hands On
Therapeutic Body Work
West Des Moines, Ia
Joanne Melby, LMT

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Joanne Melby, LMT West Des Moines, Ia